"Often the way companies present themselves has little to do with what they are; hence is common place.
No singularity? no perspective.
What they badly need is to reveal their purpose and make a living proof of every asset.

Beauworld Advisory

Equity Story & Asset creativity

There is nothing more passionate than sculpting the culture of a company through a Purpose and stories to share, and making this tangible through the naming of it’s assets. This is a Beauworld’s singular know how.

Positioning & strategy

The positioning of a product or a character is a mind game which build competitiveness and singularity. A strategy is a game plan which should reject competitors to the edges, and make them look empty regarding us.

Nation branding

New Zeland is pure, UK is great, Sweden is progressive, what are you useful for? Whether you are a region, a town, you should better have a clue. What are your assets, what can transcend your heritage? A handful of people can guide you in this quest. We are among them.


With our partners, we can deliver sharper and quicker service as well as sharp creativity.

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Turn marketplace into a Beauworld

Business is there to make the world a better place. This is what brands are made for.

Any player with a Purpose and a dime can make it. This has a lot to do with a proven way of implementing the levers of value creation.

They will be found in companies’ ingenuity, gestures, processes, worship of legacies. In Vision which provide singularity and usefulness. In a sense of Surprise, a vital need to be where no one is expected you to be.

Creativity applied to purpose and assets foster Singularity; in a fragmented world, this is the only way up.

Never losing track that Value becomes more and more a Valioo.

Our inspirational dream: build destinies beyond brands."

Philippe Lentschener

Beauworld is a practice created by Philippe Lentschener. All along a career dedicated to the love of creativity and strategies, he ran the most prestigious communication brands, (Saatchi & Saatchi, Publicis WW and McCANN) being part of their WW management; and promoted in France and in the world, some of the French and international most beautiful products/ brands/companies from the Laughing Cow, to Carrefour, including la Société Générale or Moët & Chandon, Milka, Nina Ricci, Axa, and Essilor, Toyota, Colgate, or Nespresso among so many others.

He also promoted some topics of public interest like the transformation of the French Social Security into the Assurance Maladie, the launch of the Generic Drugs, the prevention of the Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Rigorous analyst of the Society, he is the adviser of prominent personalities, and a regular intervener in the media and in major conferences, and a TEDx speaker.

He is a communication and marketing expert, with major skills in Equity stories and Assets creativity and a worldwide expert in Nation Branding.

Philippe was made Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur on the 14th of July 2015. There is no coincidence but appointments.


It is through sharing that the awareness of various subjects can be enhanced.

Therefore this is always a pleasure to participate to seminar and conferences of any kind, and present taylor made interventions, always anchored around added value, differentiation, singularity and the power to create breakthrough changes through communication and marketing.

The last three years, Philippe Lentschener gave speeches at TEDx conferences, Reputation War conference, les Etats de la France at the Conseil Economique et Social, at the Economic Forum in Krynica Poland, most important economic conference in eastern Europe, Oui Innov in Madrid, or in front of delegates from leading industrial sectors.

TEDx Paris

Comment la France peut-elle se raconter au monde?

Les États de la France

Conference au CESE.

TEDx Alsace

L'Évolution du Prix.

Beauworld Partnership

Obsessed by quality and value, they want to make the global market place, a beauworld.


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